There’s a gap in the tech industry, let’s talk about it. We need more POC engineering technology for POC. Even further, we need more black girls engineering technology for black girls.

The STEM field is popping right now and there’s a new wave of black women learning how to code. For a weirdo-loner girl that’s been messing around with HTML since she was 12 years old, I am so joyful and excited to see this happening. Coding is not only a logic-training skill but a powerful tool that is used in pretty much every field. It drives so many of the products we use and the content we interact with on a daily basis.

When I graduated high school and was exploring my post-secondary options, my mom was pushing me to get into computer science. As much as I loved programming and web design, I just couldn’t see myself doing that as a career. It was a hobby, and I had my heart set on fashion communication.

Looking back though, she was right. The tech industry has rapidly grown in the past few years and it has become obvious to me now that coding can translate into any interest. There’s a special relationship between fashion and technology that I was completely unaware of. Admittedly, I wish I had discovered it sooner.

At this point in time I can’t dwell too heavily on that path. I’m happy with the education I chose and the opportunities its connected me with. What I can do, though, is further explore the relationship between fashion and technology using my practice and training.

I’m excited to tie in my passion for tech, fashion, and black culture all into one mega labour of love. The beginning of this is “NATURALISTE”.

“NATURALISTE” began as a mobile app for all things natural hair. The transition journey to going natural can be overwhelming and it is often difficult to pull so much information from a variety of different platforms (YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Web, etc.). I wanted to create a space that would combine content from all of these platforms in one spot, facilitating the search for inspiration and information.

Though as I started developing this app, I found myself wanting to incorporate even more things for black women. What about music? What about celebrities? What about social matters? We should have access to it all.

“NATURALISTE” has now evolved into a hub for creative content. I want black girls all over the world creating content… Writing, illustrating, photographing, designing content for other black girls. That’s the basis of this app: for black girls, by black girls. We know each other best, we keep each other safe, and there is so much magic to go around.

The video above is an early prototype of what this app could contain… What it could look and feel like… But this is the beginning of a very special project. I plan to flesh this out over the next year to really create something solid enough for commercial release.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear for you. I want to collaborate with my artistic black queens so we can figure out how to produce what needs to be delivered. What are the needs in our community? What are the gaps? If you’re a photographer, illustrator, dancer, singer, rapper, fashion designer, hairstylist, MUA, poet, writer, videographer, creative, creative, CREATIVE, let’s talk!

I’m not creating this for me, I’m creating this for us. Let’s join forces and slay the mobile game y’all. Comment, hit me up through my contact page, or email me at jacqlyn.sagna@gmail.com so we can make it happen.

All ideas are greatly appreciated and welcomed.